InterCommerce SecureSystem


To get set up offering secure, automated online ordering is simple!

We just need some basic information on you and your online store. These details give us the info we need to setup the account and tell the system how to behave (who gets the orders, who is listed on the order acknowledgements, special shipping tables, etc.) and some information on billing.

As soon as you fill out the form we will reply within 24 hours (usually via e-mail) and get you up and running right away! Once the account is created, your site is ready to go, and then the fun begins!

YOUR E-Mail: (very important)

Merchant Information

This section pertains to the merchant (the online store and company running the store). Please fill out information that is related to who you are and how a consumer can contact you in the event of any further inquiries. This information should also be on your web site, but we include it in the Order Acknowledgement that is e-mailed to each of your customers.

NOTE: If you are an agent, ISP or web designer filling out this form for your client, specify the client information here. You can specify your details in the next "Agent Information" section if appropriate.


Full Name:
Support E-Mail:
Day Phone: (include area code)
Evening Phone:
Do you need web hosting?
Your web URL: (if already online)
What do you want to sell online?
Please describe your products/services:
How many products do you sell? (an approximation is fine)
Where did you hear about us?
Any more info on how you were referred here:
Agent Information

This section pertains to the agent (where appropriate) or the billing contact for the VOE services. If you are a web designer, ISP, or other agent providing information on a VOE account, please fill out the information below. Also fill the information below if you wish the billing for the VOE to be sent to someone other than the merchant/address listed above.


Billing Plan: Bill the merchant listed above directly
Bill the agent/contact listed below
No Agent - You're dealing directly with the merchant - billing info below
Full Name:
E-Mail: (very important)
Day Phone: (include area code)
Evening Phone:
How would you categorize yourself?
What's the best way to contact you?
Desired Services/Features

Please select information on exactly what services you desire. Below is by no means a complete list of all the services ICorp can provide, but mainly relate to VOE features or associated services. Please feel free to outline any additional services you may require - our goal is to make sure your venture is successful!

For info see the Options page.

What services are you interested in? (check all that apply)

  Basic VOE Package
Extended VOE Package
Database VOE Package

Other Options:

Custom headers & footers
PGP E-Mail encryption
Secure Web Order Pickup
Order FAXing
Local Hosting
Virtual Domain
Other CGI/Script Services (ad rotation, guest books, counters)
E-Mail Accounts
Mailing List
E-Mail Auto-Responder

How are you handling shipping charges?
  If you are calculating shipping based on total weight or amount of order, please provide the 'look-up table' below. Here's an example:
Amount of Order:  Shipping:
20.00             5.00  (orders from $0-$20 incurr $5 shipping charge)
40.00             8.00  (from $20.01-$40.00 = $8 shipping)
100.00            10.00
200.00            15.00
9999.00           25.00 (anything from $200.01-up is $25 shipping)
What E-Mail address are orders to go to:
What Credit Cards do you accept?
(check all that apply)
American Express
Diner's Club
If you desire, provide credit card information below and we can use this to take care of initial payment for services (NOTE: nothing will be charged until we talk with you and make sure that you're happy with the proposed arrangement and pricing - this is just for convenience).
Your Credit Card:
Name on Card:
Card Number:
Expiration Date:
Enter any other comments on your application, or features or inquries regarding our service you may have: